Known to those that work with it as "The Signature", ABN-006 was discovered while tracking down the location of escaped (and currently deceased) ABN-092 outside of the Death Valley Nero Containment Facility by Reno Squad. Completely invisible to the human eye, ABN-006 is a vicious and bloodthirsty entity that appears to have random fits of rage that often result in meaningless murdering sprees. It has a deep hatred for being caught in film, even though the only possible way to see it is with thermal imaging, as it's internal body temperature is speculated to be around 290 degrees Fahrenheit.

Physiology Edit

An elusive creature, ABN-006 is completely invisible, utilizing this as a defense mechanism for when it can't tear it's victim to shreds immediately. Despite this, the creature's internal body temperature is extremely high, giving off a vibrant heat signature on thermal cameras.

No one is quite sure what 006's body look like; as the thermal image can't capture a very precise image. Thus far, biologists that have studied it can only tell that it is roughly 7 foot tall, vaguely humanoid, with digitigrade legs, and a very bulky build. It has been reported to have a maximum running speed of 37 m/ph, and has some sort of claws, though this is not a confirmed report.

ABN-006 does not require food or water, and appears to be self-sustaining. It appears to have some reaction to oxygen, as being exposed to carbon monoxide briefly renders it unconscious. Researchers use the gas to put ABN-006 in a state of sleep when it's time for it's cell to be checked.

Behavior Edit

Found in Death Valley, California, when ABN-006 was found on a thermal camera while searching for an escaped abnormal-class entity known as ABN-092. When Reno Squad's helicopter spotted the heat signature, they touched down several hundred yards away, but couldn't see anything without their thermal scopes.

As they were studying, their leader (Captain Potts) took note of it's behavior. She concluded that it appeared to moving in a straight line (meandering, so to say) westward, almost unaware of the squad watching it. However, when one of the squad members turned on their body camera, it turned and began sprinting towards them. With only thermal scopes, they found it hard to track it's movements, and it ended up killing two members and maiming one.

After they had successfully captured it by dropping canisters of carbon monoxide on it's location and caging it, the initial group of biologists who were assigned to investigate it believed that it was the last of it's race, as it's genetic material seemed natural. This could mean that, in nature, it was a herd animal.

Researchers studying ABN-006 in containment have concluded that it is generally docile until it sees another creature within it's vicinity. In one such case, two agents were sent in to it's cell after it had been put to sleep with carbon monoxide to do a maintenance check on the ventilation system and thermal camera. Halfway through, it awoke, dazed and confused, and attempted to break through the walls around it. Seemingly forgetting that it had been captured over the course of it's unconscious state, it is presumed that ABN-006 has a very weak mind, and may use brute force for just about anything.

Special Containment Procedures Edit

ABN-006 is to be kept in cell 203 of the Death Valley Containment Facility, in sublevel 88. It's cell is 7x7 feet wide, and 7.5 feet tall, with 6 foot thick concrete walls. The doors to enter the cell are made of reinforced steel and can only be opened while the other is closed. The first door leads to a small connector area where both doors meet. The only way to unlock the second door is by a security terminal on sublevel 4 that is watched 24/7 by a series of security workers.

Inside the cell, there is a small security camera in the northwest corner of the ceiling that only detects heat signatures. This was placed as to track 006's movements and to report whether it had left it's cell or not. Two vents in the ceiling and floor let in carbon monoxide so workers can get in and out safely, then allow for the gas to vent out within a span of 1 hour.

It is required that anyone who enters the cell be wearing a HAZMAT suit and be wearing an MCU/2-P Gas Mask, as any lingering carbon monoxide could be hazardous to a human. They are also required to have a repair kit with them and one of them to be carrying a Mossberg 500 shotgun with a thermal camera equipped.

Audio Logs Edit

There have never been any audio recordings of ABN-006, as recording equipment is not permitted in the section of the Death Valley Containment Facility that it is held in. However, there have been several recorded interviews with those who have been assigned a job on 006's security team. There is this, and then there's an audio recording of a security chief speaking with two workers who were told to investigate cell 203, though no audio from ABN-006 is heard in the recording.

Interview with Captain Olivia Potts: Initial Encounter Interview; ABN-006

Conversation between Security Chief and Containment Officers: DVCF Security Recording 7/8/2002 (0500 Hours)

Trivia Edit

  • Some biologists speculate that ABN-006 could be a long-distant relative of early humans, as the way it behaves when threatened is quite similar to how scientists believe early hominids would have reacted to danger. However, there is no evidence as to how it evolved to become invisible to the human eye.

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