Known in New Jersey culture as the "Jersey Devil", ABN-092 was discovered by a group of hikers who came upon what they believed was a massive cicada nesting in a hollow tree. Two days later, three hikers were reported missing and one was found dead, having been hollowed out from the inside.

As Nero began to investigate, they found that killings like this one had been turning up every four years for the past 130 years. Eventually, they came across the culprit; A strange humanoid-insect hybrid with the ability to command massive swarms of cicadas.

After it's capture in 1998, it was contained in the Death Valley Containment Facility until it's eventual attempt at escape in 2002, where it was hunted down and killed. It's death lead to the accidental discovery of ABN-006.

Physiology Edit

Resembling a 5-foot tall cicada with long, spindly arms and two bulky legs, ABN-092 weighed about 45 lbs and has a pair of insect-like wings that allowed it the ability to fly. A sick brown color, it is speculated to have stayed in damp forests, burrowing underground with it's smaller relatives for 4 years, then coming up in a massive swarm to feed.

Though it was definitely insect-based, ABN-092 was warm-blooded, and had an internal body heat of 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to this, it did not survive well alone in the desert while trying to escape captivity. Slowed by heat exhaustion, it put barely defended itself.

Despite it's abilities, ABN-092 would often treat it's fellow cicadas as minions, bringing it nourishment and sometimes consuming them when food was scarce. The cicadas in 092's hive rarely ever left it's side, until the day it was captured.

Behavior Edit

ABN-092 was typically nocturnal, but would often eat during the day, as that did not take up as much energy as hunting. Considered to be a gluttonous and lethargic entity by most biologists, 092 was very aggressive compared to how a regular cicada would act. It is speculated that it was self-aware of it's size, and that it ruled over it's hive in a sort of tyrannical way. It is also debated as to whether ABN-092 was male or female, as it's swarm didn't appear to have a queen. However, it displayed the dominance that most other male cicada's had. Nonetheless, ABN-092 was never reported to have reproduced at all.

While in a the containment facility, it would regularly try to find insects flying about it's cell and try to order them to complete tasks. Nothing to great was ever achieved until it eventually escaped by getting a small swarm of houseflies to creep their way inside the door controls, jamming the door. It then proceeded to creep it's way up to the dustdocks where it climbed into the back of a munitions truck. There, it waited until the driver had gone through the tunnel and onto the surface, then killed him by biting the back of his neck six times. Again, due to the heat, it didn't make it far before two Nero helicopters had located it with thermal sights and gunned it down.

Special Containment Procedures Edit

Because it was weak without a swarm, the scientists who designed ABN-092's cell (which was located on sublevel 54) had to make sure that there was no places where any large amounts of insects could get in. They designed it so every face of the 9x9 foot room (floor and ceiling included) was made of an extremely smooth (but durable) sheet metal. Doing so made it so if 092 ever attempted to scratch loose any walls, it would be met with a horrid scratching sound that made it writhe in discomfort.

The door in was made of thick steel, and could be opened only from the outside by a small control panel with Latchkey access. The door itself opened outward, which may have been a major flaw in it's construction, as it allowed for less time to react if ABN-092 ever found an alternative escape.

Two security cameras watched from the southeast and northwest corners in the room, keeping an eye of ABN-092's position. It would often inspect them, but small strobe lights begin to flash when it got too close to the wires. This more-often-than-not startled it enough to keep it away.

When it was time for the containment officers to do their regular inspection, ABN was shot with powerful sedative rounds that would put it in a tired, physically incapable phase. They would escort it to a small cage and then clean out the room and check any faulty equipment, returning ABN-092 within a matter of 10-20 minutes.

Audio Logs Edit

Audio logs containing information are rare (other than initial interview recordings), and the only detailed look into what ABN-092 was like before it's death is the recording of a Nero interviewer speaking to the entity's lead biologist/caretaker (who's name has been replaced with [REDACTED] due to privacy issues).

Interview with Doctor [REDACTED]: Initial Encounter Interview; ABN-092

Trivia Edit

  • Though many old tales tell of The Jersey Devil being a goat-demon hybrid, the only real encounters with the beast have been fatal. The only living people who have encountered it are Nero operatives.
  • ABN-092 would often be caught cowering away from spiders. Some believe it was a natural instinct.