With what appears to be an intense form of multi-personality disorder, ABN-411 is a shapeshifting entity with the ability to morph into anyone it has seen within the last 48 hours. In it's basic form, ABN-411 appears to be a pale-skinned humanoid with dark indents where it's eyes should be. It is nicknamed "Mr. Hyde" (in reference to the 1886 novel, "The Strange Case of Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde" by Robert Louis Stevenson) due to it's strange tendency to see itself as the person it is mimicking.

Physiology Edit

With the body of an average sized human male (roughly 5'2" in height and weighing 135.3 lbs), ABN-411 is covered in a pale white skin, with a chalky, dry texture. With no facial features except a small bump (presumably a nose) in the center of it's face and two darkened indents where it's eyes should be located.

Being a shapeshifter, ABN-411 changes form whenever he can, lusting for a new face and personality to take on. It cannot appear to completely mimic a person, and will often have minor flaws in it's shapeshifting ability. Such flaws can be a different eye color, a slight change in skin pigment, or even a strange tone of voice. All in all, ABN-411 appears to be very lax in it's attempt to shapeshift.

ABN-411 cannot produce any vocal sounds with it's basic form, as it does not have a mouth or vocal cords. Even when shapeshifting, it is often very quiet. Additionally, it is unknown how ABN-411 retains and produces energy, as it does not appear to eat or drink, and does not appear to need sunlight (excluding the possibility of hydro-independent photosynthesis.

ABN-411 is unable to mimic any creature or object other than a human.

Behavior Edit

It is difficult to accurately describe and log ABN-411's behavior, as it's personality and mannerisms change whenever it shifts form. Despite this, ABN-411 (in his basic form) is very elusive. While it will seek out a human form to take constantly, the entity will resort to hiding in places where it knows it can ambush a target and take on it's form.

When it is in a form other than it's own, ABN-411 can be quite social, as it needs to have frequent human contact in order to change form.

Special Containment Procedures Edit

ABN-411 is to be locked in a 10x10 foot titanium cell with one door that is locked with three different pass codes (all of which are only known by a select few of the highest ranking containment officers in the facility). A single UV light on the ceiling allows lights the room, and three small vents are fitted on the walls to let air in.

Checked twice a month, containment officers who inspect ABN-411 are given randomly chosen armbands of a certain color, allowing the to be identified from the entity if they ever take on the officer's form, since ABN-411 cannot include clothing in it's shifting abilities.

ABN-411 is not monitored by a security camera, as it is unknown whether it can shift via the lens.

Audio Logs Edit

There are a great number of audio logs regarding ABN-411, though many have been sent throughout the world to different Nero facilities to be inspected by various different professionals.

Interview with Containment Officer [REDACTED]: Initial Encounter Interview; ABN-411

Doctor Helena Frandsen Explains Why ABN-411 Should Be Classified As Human: Abnormal or Misjudged?

Phone Call Between Containment Officer [REDACTED] and Doctor Jeremy Oxford: Doppleganger

Trivia Edit

  • Since no one really ever sees ABN-411 in it's basic form, it was at one point rumored that the entity wasn't real, and was a long-term April Fool's Day joke that went too far.
  • ABN-411 is believed to understand all languages by default, though it is unknown whether this is true or not.