Originally contained in the Death Valley Containment Facility, HMN-848 was captured due to her "unorthodox" means of reproduction. "Elizabeth Milton", as she is named, has does not reproduce as most humans do. Rather than using basic means, she produces offspring by dismembering one of her limbs, allowing it to form into a human child within a span of 4 months. Additionally, she can regenerate lost body parts, and shows signs of a high resistance to physical pain.

Physiology Edit

A typical 38-year old human female, HMN-848 is Caucasian with short brown hair and green eyes. Standing at exactly 5'5" and weighing 146 lbs while healthy, she appears to be a basic human at first glance. Having had a tumor in her large intestine when a child (the age of 9 was when it was discovered), Elizabeth was exposed to unhealthy amounts of radiation during her chemotherapy sessions. This is believed to have been the root of her mutated state.

Able to dismember her own limbs and have it form into a human child, she is not considered dangerous, but was contained due to self harm and research-related study material. With an extremely high tolerance to pain, HMN-848 can, in a way, manually numb her nervous system, allowing her to dismember without experiencing much pain.

Within 4 months of dismemberment, HMN-848's dismembered limb will begin to shape and form into a human body, living off of whatever leftover biological material was in the limb. Tests have been run to see how the newly born child reacts as an older creature (once it is fully developed, it is considered HMN-848-01, depending on how many children HMN-848 has had in the past). In 2009, a group of bioscientists let Elizabeth conceive and keep one child, naming it "Kaiti". Over the course of 3 years, it grew up exactly how a normal human child would. However, the scientists scrapped the investigation, separating HMN-848 from Kaiti. This lead 848 to delve into a deep obsession with creating another child, though all attempts have been halted.

Behavior Edit

Respectful to most Nero operatives, HMN-848 is quiet and mellow. However, she is considered to be mentally ill, whether from the isolation of containment or from her mutations. Speaking with her assigned psychologist, Doctor [REDACTED], every week to keep a healthy state of mind, she has been recorded to have grown very fond on him.

HMN-848 will often try to dismember a finger or toe in order to create a child, hiding it from containment officers in her cell, in hopes of having another child. She is under the impression that she has several children outside of containment that she had before she was captured. Investigations are underway to find said children, though Elizabeth has not yet been informed.

Special Containment Procedures Edit

HMN-848 is kept in a 12x10 cell that has been padded on all walls except the one facing the outside hallway, which has been replaced by a thick, clear, plastic wall that has been made in a way that she cannot harm herself. A single mattress, along with a toilet and single overhead light, are the only objects in the room.

Because she is considered extremely docile, almost any agents with proper identification are allowed inside her cell, though those who enter and exit are tracked. HMN-848 is seen once a week, every Tuesday, by her assigned psychologist, Doctor [REDACTED].

Scheduled psychology sessions are made to keep morale high, and are legally enforced, as HMN-848 is classified as a Security Grade Carbon entity (meaning that she is identified as completely human, and does have a certain amount of legal rights). Usually lasting 2 hours, Elizabeth is allowed to speak her mind and thoughts, with full trust that her personal information will not be shared with anyone other than her assigned biologists.

Audio Logs Edit

All psychology sessions are recorded, though only a few have been released, due to legal reasons. Additionally, HMN-848's I.E Interview has also been released.

Interview with Doctor [REDACTED]: Initial Encounter Interview; HMN-848

Trivia Edit

  • The identity of HMN-848's psychologist is not to be released due to the Anonymity Law of 1978
  • Nero officials are convinced that HMN-848 has 4 children in the public, though none of them have been identified.