Designed as an alternative to basic keys, Latchkey Cards were created in the year 2000, and completely replaced all key-locks in Nero in the year of 2009. They are completely white as to not trace back to Nero, and use microscopic code to unlock doors, terminals, and other locked objects.

Creation Edit

As the base step of the 2K Movement, which revolutionized the way technology worked in Nero facilities, the card was nearly turned down due to a lack of funding. However, several European countries believed their money would be well spent on this new invention. These countries included such countries as Germany, Norway, Sweden, and England. Within a year, they had been mass-produced and given to every agent, scientist, and worker in Nero.

Use Edit

Latchkey cards are used most commonly for security-lock door in containment facilities, though some have been set to be used on entity cells (such as the case of ABN-092) and computer terminals. Nowadays, some special-munitions cases require latchkey cards to open.

Hacking Edit

Latchkey scanners (the "lock" to the latchkey card) are not easily hacked; though several scientists looking to further the latchkey's uses have shown that the scanners can be hacked using basic knowledge of computers, and that a computer-proficient entity may be able to unlock them without access to a card.

Trivia Edit

  • Nero operatives of higher ranks have unique designs on their latchkey cards. For example; security chiefs' have a single red line going down theirs, facility commanders have two blue diamonds, and the chief of containment protocols has a black one with two orange stripes.

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