Kept in a locked safe in the DVCF's "Archive B" (specifically made to hold Object-Class entities), OBJ-B289 is a black a VHS tape that, when played on a videocassette player, plays a 20-minute video composed entirely of short clips of random, and often paranormal, events. However, whenever it is played, OBJ-B289 never shows the same clips twice. Studies have been made to try and decode what the clips mean, but no one so far as any clues as to what they mean. It was named "Sammie's Tape" because of a single piece of packing tape on the front that reads, "Property of Sammie". The identity of Sammie is unknown.

OBJ-B289 was found in a junkyard in Greensboro, North Carolina, and no one outside of Nero is believed to know about the tape, though it's quite possible that this idea could be false.

Physiology Edit

OBJ-B289 is a 1980's style VHS tape that is 7.5 inches long, 4 inches wide, and 1 inch thick. On the front side is a 2 inch long piece of white packing tape with the words "Property of Sammie" written it in black pen, as well as "UUV 1979" written in the corner of the tape in the same pen. Attempts to investigate the innards of the tape have been attempted, but nothing can seem to cut through the plastic shell of OBJ-B289.

Completely inanimate and non-sentient, OBJ-B289 is compatible with all videocassette players, and will begin to play a 20 minute long video made up of random clips of different, usually paranormal, events. For instance, an early viewing of the tape showed a scene from the 1941 film, Casablanca, as well as a short video of a man peeling an orange. All studies have shown that the clips produced on OBJ-B289 are random, and have no meaning whatsoever, though several groups of scientists believe that there are ways that the entity could be used in Nero's best interests.

Behavior Edit

Being non-sentient, OBJ-B289 does not conform with a behavior analysis.

Special Containment Protocols Edit

OBJ-B289 is to be locked in a safe in the DVCF's "Archive B" (Locker D8) on sublevel 10. To unlock the door, two Latchkey Cards carried by high ranking containment officers must be used.

Every two weeks, a new viewing group made up of 10 psychologists is to watch the video in a locked room with two guards, studying the clips that are on the tape at the time. They are to take notes, and report to a containment officer as soon as the video ends with the tape. The officer will bring the tape back to it's cell, and take the viewing group's notes to be analyzed.

Tape Investigations Edit

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Audio Logs Edit

There have not been many audio logs released regarding OBJ-B289, and those that have are but recordings of scientists' notes.

Interview with Doctor Ryan Parks: Initial Encounter Interview; OBJ-B289

Trivia Edit

  • When it was located by an off-duty Nero radio technician, Doctor Ryan Parks, a radio transmission between the doctor and the DVCF communications outlet was interrupted by a low-frequency hum for several seconds, though investigators have concluded that this may have just been a communications error.