Famous for their role in capturing ABN-006, Reno Squad (or squad 7102) is a weathered group of agents who have extensive experience with many different forms of abnormal-class entities. Currently lead by Captain Olivia Potts, they are based at the Death Valley Containment Facility, but have been sent to countries across the globe on many occasions.

Members Edit

Small and efficient, Reno Squad presently has six members. Originally 8, the encounter with ABN-006 left two dead, and one maimed.

Current Members Edit

  • Captain Olivia Potts - Known as the oldest and most skilled in the group, Captain Potts is the leader of the squad.
  • Second Lieutenant John Morgan - Wounded during the squad's battle with ABN-006, John is a headstrong agent with little to fear.
  • Corporal Abigail Palmer - Corporal Palmer was originally a bioengineer for Nero, but was moved due to an incident while testing on a willing human subject.
  • Corporal Matt Chavez - Corporal Chavez was once a member of the CIA, but was moved to Nero as an executive order during Recruit Protocol Killjoy.
  • Corporal Glenn Caldwell - Transferred from the London Research Facility, Corporal Caldwell is the designated marksman of Reno Squad.
  • Corporal Francisco Vega - An ex-marines conspiracy theorist, Vega is the newest member of Reno Squad.

Past Members Edit

  • Sergeant Steve Madison - The second-in-command of Reno Squad, Sergeant Madison was the first killed during the ABN-006 encounter.
  • Corporal Jill Orlando - With a father in Nero, Corporal Orlando had only joined 2 weeks prior to her death at the hands of ABN-006.

Notable Missions Edit

  • Found and captured ABN-006 while searching for the escaped ABN-092 . (2002)
  • Helped eliminate ABN-092 after it had escaped from the DVCF. (2002)

Trivia Edit

  • Originally, Captain Potts was to resign from the agency in 2010, but was convinced by her squad to stay with them. Her resignation date is now in 2020.

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