A superbiological entity is any creature, object, or being with unrecognized (or unexplained and possibly dangerous) powers that could be explained as supernatural. Classified by Nero biologists, superbiological creatures are considered too dangerous to be in public, and all are to be contained in containment facilities. While not all are dangerous, it is believed that to bring said entities to public light could lead to catastrophic events, as entities can be extremely harmless, or so powerful and benevolent as to destroy reality as we know.

Nero Classifications Edit

Nero has set up certain ways to classify superbiological entities, which are used to identify things such as the dangers of engaging one, the behaviors of entities, and how to properly contain one.

Entity Type Edit

  • Abnormal-Class Entity. Shortened to "ABN" when naming entities, Abnormal-Class entities are physical creatures who's bodies are utterly alien to anything considered "textbook". In other words, any creature who's body is considered "abnormal".
  • Human-Class Entity. Shortened to "HMN" when naming entities, Human-Class entities are humans that were either born or somehow formed superbiological powers, whether they are as mild as a human with gills or as absurd as a human with machine guns for arms. However, a Human-Class entity must have a sort of human sentience to be accepted into this category.
  • Spectral-Class Entity. Shortened to "SPC" when naming entities, Spectral-Class entities are non-physical being often mistaken for ghosts or spirits. In reality, most accounts of spirits are just Spectral-Class entities taking on the form of a deceased person. To be accepted into this category, an entity must be non-physical and be able to change form in one way or another.
  • Object-Class Entity. Shortened to "OBJ" when naming entities, Object-Class entities are non-sentient objects that appear to have a strange capability (or effect) that does not abide by the known laws of the world. Such entities could be a water bottle that refills itself automatically, or a mask that attaches to your skin when you put it on.
  • Technology-Class Entity. Shortened to "TCH" when naming entities, Technology-Class entities are really a subclass of Spectral-Class entities that evolved to be able to "invade" computers and other machines, manually controlling them. They are often referred to as "ghosts in the machine".
  • Planar-Class Entity. Shortened to "PLN" when naming entities, Planar-Class entities are essentially alternate dimensions and universes. While it is so far forbidden to enter said portals, many claim that whatever's on the other side could be so alien to humans that we simply couldn't exist there; though no one is sure.

Danger Level Edit

An entity's danger level explains how hostile, and capable in it's abilities, an entity is.

Danger Level Description
Danger Level 0 Entity is completely incapable of being harmful. Most likely an Object-Class entity.
Danger Level 1 Entity is non-lethal, an rather respectful.
Danger Level 2 Entity has readily-available defense mechanisms, but will only attack if extremely panicked.
Danger Level 3 Entity tends to have violent outbreaks, but is usually tame. May hunt for food.
Danger Level 4 Entity will attack on sight, but does not hunt down humans instinctively.
Danger Level 5 Entity is highly dangerous and should be kept far away from any potential victims, and screened often.
Danger Level 6 Entity is vicious and bloodthirsty, stopping at nothing to escape it's cell. Definite predator.
Danger Level 7 Entity is deadly, and practically made to kill. Escape could lead to serial murder, or something much worse.
Danger Level 8 Entity is officially classified as "hyper-lethal", meaning that it could cause world-changing, if given the chance.
Danger Level 9 Entity is considered too deadly to screen in person, and has the ability to cause cataclysmic disasters on a global scale.
Danger Level 10 Entity has abilities that could cause the destruction of life as we know it. Should be locked in maximum security containment.
Danger Level YX Entity is capable of warping and destroying the fabric of time, or even the universe, if granted the chance.
Danger Level XX Entity is beyond human interaction, and could not be stopped if it were to destroy the fabric of existence. However, we would never see it coming.

Security Grade Edit

An entity's security grade is made to tell how the entity should be approached if ever encountered and how to properly contain the creature.

  • Security Grade Atlas. Entity should be presented with force, but one should not initially engage violently unless the entity engages first.
  • Security Grade Banner. Entity is either too fragile or too valuable to be maimed or killed, meaning special precautions should be taken to capture and transport.
  • Security Grade Carbon. Entity is considered fully-human and has no history of violence towards others (directly), and should be captured with humanitarian methods.
  • Security Grade Data. Entity should be presented with full-fledged violence, whether to maim or to kill.
  • Security Grade Eclipse. Entity is of biohazardous origin and possibly contaminated areas should be enclosed and blocked off. Entity should be captured due to risk of contamination.
  • Security Grade Fox. Entity is considered supernatural, and a team of scientists are to stay on the job in case any breakthroughs are made as to how to control or contain said entity. Full force is permitted, but not always necessary.
  • Security Grade Ghost. Entity will stay in packs, and must be faced with equal or greater numbers. Full force is permitted.
  • Security Grade Hybrid. Entity is either highly adaptable to it’s environment or is considered “invincible”, requiring immediate capture. Force is not required in most cases.
  • Security Grade Ion. Entity requires no force whatsoever to be captured, as it is either non-sentient or not threatened by humans.
  • Security Grade Jolt. Entity can not be contained by known means, and will escape regularly, requiring constant recapture. Force is required in most cases.
  • Security Grade Kingpin. Entity has access to Nero Private Intelligence, and must be faced with methods that are unconventional, and should not be given a linear checking schedule.
  • Security Grade Lone. Entity is considered a super weapon and should be faced with careful precision as to not set off any form of overpowered defense mechanism. Force is to be restricted.
  • Security Grade Mark. Entity is too valuable to be attacked with force, and should be captured using covert means. Force is restricted.
  • Security Grade Nero. Entity is currently being safeguarded by other humans. Violence is only to be enforced if given orders to engage.
  • Security Grade Operate. Entity has been identified by the public eye, and necessary actions must be taken to cover it as a hoax.
  • Security Grade Pawn. Entity has infiltrated a NERO facility and may be hiding among the agents inside. Full and complete purge may be necessary.
  • Security Grade Quad. Entity is considered infectious (more so than a security grade eclipse) and may have infected a number of people outside it’s containment cell.
  • Security Grade Resistor. Entity is is being used for the benefit of Nero or humanity, and is considered an ally of Nero.
  • Security Grade Stalker. Entity is must be left alone in a containment facility made only for itself. No human contact allowed ever.
  • Security Grade Temper. Entity cannot be contained using physical means and psychological warfare must be used to contain it.
  • Security Grade Unit. Entity specifically attacks Nero operators, and will often attempt to sabotage Nero facilities.
  • Security Grade Viper. Entity has not been researched to a full extent, due to possible and unknown danger. It is highly advised that no one interact with it without direct orders from the Chief of Containment Protocols.
  • Security Grade Wolf. Entity has a history of high-frequency destruction on a global scale, and is to be either contained in a maximum-security cell or be terminated as soon as possible.
  • Security Grade Xeno. Entity is exists in a state of matter that humans cannot interact with. Said entity cannot be contained, but rather manipulated through indirect means.
  • Security Grade Young. Entity is self-contained, and cannot be released unless an event is set in motion; an event that Nero has been tasked with preventing from happening.
  • Security Grade Zodiac. Entity is beyond our comprehension and control. The only thing we can do is hope that it thinks we’re not worth killing.

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Trivia Edit

  • There are many entities that do not fit in any of the listed security grades, though they are considered "independent entities".

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